Often it may seem like there are more men and women declaring to get professionals on online dating than you’ll find genuine people matchmaking.

(carry out we go with that classification? Never respond to that. Allow me to keep my personal illusions of usefulness.)

Most of them are probably cheats making things up or regurgitating exhausted information they study in Cosmo, just a few – an unique couple of – tend to be real specialists which have earned their own expert position. And few fit that information better than Christian Rudder, the data whiz behind OkCupid’s legendary OkTrends web log and recent author of a bit in The Guardian.

“i’ve led OkCupid’s analytics staff since 2009, and my personal work is to seem sensible associated with data our very own consumers develop,” Rudder produces. “As men and women bring technologies much deeper and deeper within their resides, it may indicate to us profound and ridiculous reasons for exactly who we’re as humankind.”

Anybody else adoring the audio of “profound and ridiculous” as much as I are? I must know: what exactly really does OkCupid know that we regular people cannot? Rudder was kind enough to supply some instances:

  • Ebony men: dreads, Jill Scott, Haitian, soca, neo spirit
  • Latino guys: Colombian, salsa merengue, cumbia, una, merengue bachata
  • Asian men: large for an Asian, Asians, Taiwanese, Taiwan, Cantonese

For lots more matchmaking ways from OkCupid’s resident data expert, stay tuned in for Part II to see Dataclysm: which the audience is (When We Think no body’s searching).